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Google retiring Adsense Referrals ads

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday i recieved a mail from Google that they intend to stop the Adsense Referrals program. The referrals will be stopped sometime in the last week of August. It will make way for the Google Affiliate Network which will offer Affiliate ads to be displayed on publishers website. Publishers will be paid on the basis […]

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Installing Adsense skyscraper to your phpbb2 forum {and earn money from your forum}

Friday, November 23, 2007


How to – Step by step instructions for phpBB 2.0.8 subSilver This is how to add a Google Adsense skyscraper down the left-hand side of your board. Due to Google’s conditions, you don’t want ads appearing on every page, such as log-in pages, member-lists and search-results pages. Apart from anything else, you would not get […]

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