Vote vote and vote, its your country

Tue, Apr 28, 2009


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I feel like killing myself for not writing this piece before 16 April (i.e. before the day elections started). I remember that I decided that I would run a campaign of sorts on all my blogs so as to create whatever awareness I could at my small level and encourage my fellow citizens to go out and cast their vote in the 2009 general elections. But I don’t know how I became so lazy that I could not find time to write this all important topic. And here I am, writing this post when two out of five phases of the elections have already passed and fates of candidates for more than half of the 543 Lok Sabha seats have already been sealed in the ballot boxes. But better late than never. (*promises to self to be more responsible in future*)

So India, the largest democracy in the world is currently voting to choose the representatives to 15th Lok Sabha to lead us, “hopefully”, for the next five years. This is the biggest  democratic event mankind has ever witnessed as more than 700 million (714,103070 to be exact) people lined up to cast their vote. Never before in history, man witnessed participation at this large scale.

What do these elections means for India?

India has been shining, and shining bright for the last decade or two. Our economy has been on steroids, clocking 6-8 pc GDP growth consistently for a few years now, our scientific achievements (Chandrayaan) have been a fairy tale, our military might (now don’t compare with US or China et al, peace) and what not. But I am sure most of us would agree with me here that if only we had good leaders who can think of nation above self, power, money and everything else, we would have been miles ahead of where we are now. Because we know that there is not any lack of brilliant and hard working brains here.


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Web hosting reviews

Fri, Apr 17, 2009


Web hosting is a very essential part of any website. Generally people specially newbies tend to opt for cheapest host which are many times scams. The website will eventually die pre-maturely if you do not chose web host wisely. Your web host may not give you stable up-times or may not be equipped to handle traffic peaks that are generated via social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon etc. So one should not fall for lucrative offers of cheap hosting that are all over the web. But how does one choose from different web hosts? How can one differentiate one web hosting provider from another? (more…)

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Problem with tweeters

Fri, Apr 17, 2009


Check out this awesome video from SuperNews which pretty much sums up the problem with tweople (twitter people). If you dont know what I am talking about, twitter is the latest sensation in communication, essentially a micro-blogging platform which has changed the way people communicate with each other. Though I must admit that I am a twiddict (twitter addict) but, I also agree with some parts of this awesome video.

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Listen to songs free, without stealing!

Tue, Apr 7, 2009


Piracy is a problem that plagues modern world today. Be it games, movies, songs or any other source of entertainment or technology, piracy is everywhere. You name it and piracy is there, stealing the creator of their well deserved money, ruining their revenue model. Just like other things, piracy is affecting music artists heavily. I do not know how many of us actually buy music. But everybody sure has GB’s of song collected on their pc’s (and macs, chill), thanks to the internet, where you can get anything by just doing a smart google search. It is really heartbreaking for those who worked their assess off, but at the end they do not get the return they deserve. That is why we have organizations like MPAA and RIAA pro-actively going after those who support or indulge in piracy in any form.

But a new site called, Kerchoonz is ready to change this. Kerchoonz is a brilliant idea, from the minds of musicians, for the musicians. It plays the music to the visitor from its vast library of artists and song. What is the difference? It pays back the artist whenever you listen to their song(s). Great idea, isn’t? (more…)

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Google PR upadate for April 2009

Fri, Apr 3, 2009


The PageRank update for April 2009 is underway. This is the first major PageRank update of the year (last being towards the end of december in last year). The update started yesterday. The Everything Blog, still remains penalised. (its been almost an year since the penalty now Google, come one, you can show some love there, are you listening?), while my other blog Knayam went from PR of 2 to 3 (some of the internal pages have also got PR’s of 1 or 2).

Its been an okay PR update for me as I dint make real efforts and also dint update the blogs regularly, so I am kind of happy.

How did your sites/blogs fare in the PR update?

If you havent checked your PR’s as of yet, you can use this tool to check the PR of any site/blog or webpage.

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

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