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Some great troubleshooting tips on very common errors in windows-by Vishal Gupta

12. November 2007


This is an excellent effort by “Vishal Gupta”.All credit to him for writing this. The list of all problems covered in this thread: 1. Task Manager/Registry Editor/Tools -> Folder Options disabled. 2. Search window opens while double-clicking on drives. 3. “Cannot find copy.exe” Error while double-clicking on drives. 4. Folder opens in a new window? […]

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Some good and unknown built in tools in xp.

1. November 2007

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I found this,and thought its worth sharing. Some of these you might be already knowing. These applications can be run easily through a command prompt or from the Run command (Click on Start and Run and type the shortcut command for the utility). 1. Windows Media Player classic (mplayer2.exe): Yes, apart from Media Player 8, […]

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