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Dont drink this water

26. September 2008


What a way to tell people not to drink water. I bet no one will,after they see this picture unless they are From

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Michael Phelps when he was “too young”

27. August 2008


Here is a pic that shows the Olympic champion swimmer when he was too young! As we can see, he was a great swimmer even before he was born! LMAO I got this as a forward from Sathya

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The world, as the USA sees it

15. July 2008


Here is the map of the world as the Americans believe it is. Have a look:

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There always is a mother in nature: Part-II

23. June 2008


There was a post: ( There always is a MOTHER in NATURE ) on this blog on a Bishnoi lady showing great love to a orphan fawn by breast feeding it along with her daughter. Somewhat similar is this mother from Yantai City,China in above pic too. The mother cat has adopted a rat and […]

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There always is a MOTHER in NATURE

5. April 2008


This picture by Hindustan Times lensman Himanshu Vyas has won the IFRA Gold Award for News Photography. Vyas had heard about an orphan fawn being looked after by a Bishnoi woman near his hometown Jodhpur. At the mud dwelling, he noticed the fawn playing with her children. “When hungry, the woman breastfed the fawn and […]

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