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Miss SC answers a question

26. July 2008


Watch this video, see what Miss South Carolina says when asked what does she think about most of the American not been able to locate US on world map. This video has been viewed more than 25 million times till now! And here are two equally funny attempts on trying to interpret what she said.

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Miraculous escape, a lesson learnt

18. July 2008


Disclaimer: Pictures displayed below can be un-suitable for some viewers, viewer discretion is advised. Supratim Dutta, a 23 year old IT specialist had a miraculous escape from death after he met an accident on road while he was going to work in his cab. The cab driver was allegedly driving very fast and the car […]

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There always is a mother in nature: Part-II

23. June 2008


There was a post: ( There always is a MOTHER in NATURE ) on this blog on a Bishnoi lady showing great love to a orphan fawn by breast feeding it along with her daughter. Somewhat similar is this mother from Yantai City,China in above pic too. The mother cat has adopted a rat and […]

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Comapany URLs gone terribly wrong.

17. May 2008


Here is a list of funny URLs that sound something which they were not intended. They sound nasty,buyt are not dirty. 1. is a website where you can find the agents of various celebrities. 2. was the website for Cumming methodist church. 3. For, a research and knowledge based […]

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Food crises because of India, China: Bush

4. May 2008


So the whole world is facing a food crisis,roaring inflation in food products and guess who is to blame? Its India and China!!! Surprised? Don’t be. Because ts none other than my favorite Mr Right (sarcasm) hon’ president GWB who is claiming that better diets in India and China have drived the global food crises. […]

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