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U.S. has Mandela enlisted on terrorist watch list!

5. May 2008


Would you believe it? A Nobel Peace Prize winner and a leader like Nelson Mandela on a terrorist list.Im not the greatest of the supporter of the American policies but this one made my head spin.Really. The Nobel “Peace” Prize winner of 1993 and the great anti-apartheid and African Natinal Congress(ANC) leader of South Africa, […]

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Internet is saved, MS drops Yahoo bid:

4. May 2008


After almost three months internet was threatened (MS bids $44 million for Yahoo) , i(we?) can breathe a sigh of relief now that Microsoft has dropped its plan of acquiring Yahoo. Three months ago, MS valued Yahoo at $31 per share, gradually increased it to $33 a share but Yahoo dint go below $37 for […]

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Food crises because of India, China: Bush

4. May 2008


So the whole world is facing a food crisis,roaring inflation in food products and guess who is to blame? Its India and China!!! Surprised? Don’t be. Because ts none other than my favorite Mr Right (sarcasm) hon’ president GWB who is claiming that better diets in India and China have drived the global food crises. […]

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Father confesses to keeping daughter as sex slave in dungeon

29. April 2008


An Austrian man has confessed to imprisoning his daughter for 24 years in a windowless basement cell and fathering seven children with her, three of whom “never saw sunlight” until they were freed over the weekend, police said. Josef Fritzl, now 73, also told investigators that he tossed the body of one of the children […]

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Olypmic torch extinguished in Paris

7. April 2008


Threatened by the huge out burst by the Tibetan demonstrators the authorities took a hard unprecedented step today deciding to extinguish the Olympic torch and continue the relay of torch in ParisĀ  in a bus. This is the first time ever when Olympic torch has been extinguished. Earlier to this all efforts were made to […]

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