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Obama wins US presidential election

5. November 2008


Democrat Barack Obama, the senator from Illinois has made history by becoming the first black president of United States Of America. He defeated his rival, the Republican John McCain by a convincing margin. The win signifies victory of the will of American people who showed up in huge numbers to vote for a “change”. The […]

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India gets NSG waiver

10. September 2008


India finally grabbed the NSG waiver enabling her to carry out nuclear trade with the NSG member countries. The waiver will enable India to get nuclear material and latest nuclear technologies. This remarkable event marks the end of nuclear isolation India was facing on international front . International community imposed nuclear (trade) sanctions on India […]

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Google to launch its open source browser Chrome today

2. September 2008


[poll id="9"] Web browser war is about to become hotter than ever. Highly rumored, Google’s own web browser called Chrome is about to be released today. Google yesterday announced their plans to launch the new browser on 2nd Sep here. The open source browser will be released in Beta stage. On the surface, we designed […]

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Spot the difference!

11. July 2008


Here, you will see two images of the recent missile tests conducted by Iran. The first pic obtained by Agence France-Presse shows the missile being fired , and all four missiles are in the sky. They got this image from Sepah News, the media arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard on Wednesday. The second pic obtained […]

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Obama wins democrat nomination, change the US believes in is happening

5. June 2008


     [poll=4] Barack Hussein Obama,46, has finally defeated his rival,the heavy weight and former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in probably the most the most closely contested nomination battle in the US history stretching for almost 5 months.Honestly it looked more like a heart stopper sports game than a primary. Illinois senator has therefore created […]

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