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Sachin Tendulkar- The man of the “century”

20. December 2013

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I always dreaded this day would come. As much as me, and billions of other cricketing fans around the world never wanted this day to come, it was inevitable. We knew we would have to be prepared to face a situation where we won’t know if we should be happy that the legendary man who […]

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Flipkart’s shady business practices.

20. June 2012


Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, we all love Flipkart. I do to (seriously) We love how it has changed the Indian eCommerce scene. I am not a Flipkart hater, infact I (used to?) love them. Have bought variety of products from them in the past, and may hopefully continue to do so in the future, provided I […]

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Terror strikes in Pune

13. February 2010


A bomb blast has once again shocked India, this time in Pune. About 8 people have been killed and over 30 injured (including foreigners). The blast happened at around 7pm in a popular bakery in Koregaon Park. The place is generally crowded as there is a Osho ashram nearby. This is the first major terror […]

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ISRO loses contact with Chandrayaan-I

30. August 2009


ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has lost contact with India’s first moon mission, the Chandrayaan-I. With that India’s first moon mission has come to a premature end. Chandrayaan was launched on 22 October 2008 using a PSLV. Chandrayaan-I was carrying 11 scientific instruments on board, among which, 6 were foreign. It was expected to send […]

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India gives clear mandate to UPA, Manmohan Singh to be the PM

17. May 2009


Defying all expectations and poll predictions, Congress and its allies performed much better than expectations getting a thumping mandate for the next five years, from nearly 57% [wiki] of electorates who voted. Manmohan Singh will be the next prime minister of the country in the 15th Lok Sabha. He is only the second PM after […]

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