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Get Ubuntu and Sun OpenSolaris CD’s for free

14. October 2008


I requested my copy sometime back and forgot to blog about it. Then i was reading Sathya’s blog, where he mentioned about this giveaway by Sun Microsystems. I thought why not share it on my blog as every news is new to some people atleast. A few can always gain from it. So, to get […]

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Which Linux for you?

6. December 2007


I found this linux distro review here: by “The Trojan”.All credit to OP ********************* I have reviewed 5 Linux distros namely openSUSE, UBUNTU/KUBUNTU, Fedora, Mandriva and Debian. However other users have provided valuable additions to the value of the thread by adding their own reviews on more distros. The links to them are: 1> […]

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