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Problem with tweeters

17. April 2009


Check out this awesome video from SuperNews which pretty much sums up the problem with tweople (twitter people). If you dont know what I am talking about, twitter is the latest sensation in communication, essentially a micro-blogging platform which has changed the way people communicate with each other. Though I must admit that I am […]

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The history of internet

27. February 2009


This is a great video on how internet all began. Very informative.                                                     

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George Bush shoe attack

19. December 2008


Goerge Bush was recently attacked by an Iraqi reporter by a shoe! He threw 2 shoes at GWB at a press conference,his last at Iraq as he will be succeeded by Obama earlier next year. Surely doesnot sound like a great good bye sir? My apologies but you bought it! Though Bush tried to laugh […]

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Sarah Palin and the Sarkozy prank call

10. December 2008


Here is the famous prank call on republican vice-presidential candidate for US elections held earlier this year,Sarah Palin. She was foxed to believe that French president Nicholas Sarcozy is calling her and says a lot of funny things.

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Portal chamber 18 in 5 Portals!

31. August 2008


I am currently playing Portal. The game is awesome and,tough. I used Youtube when i got stuck on Test chamber 15 and 18. While searching i saw this video. This guys does Chamber 18 in just 5 steps. He literally owns the game. Have a look.

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