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Access Gmail offline

2. February 2009


Gmail just gets better and better. This time its something fresh. Gmail users can now access their Gmail accounts even when they are offline. This has been introduced as an experimental feature in labs, which since its birth is giving us many great features to love the mail service even more. If you are a […]

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The internet was a malware for 40 minutes

1. February 2009


If you did a Google search between about 6:30 AM PST until 7:25 AM PST yesterday, you were for sure alerted by this error message against every search result irrespective of what you searched, “This site may harm your computer”. The error was fired for about an hour and was quickly fixed but it made […]

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George Bush shoe attack

19. December 2008


Goerge Bush was recently attacked by an Iraqi reporter by a shoe! He threw 2 shoes at GWB at a press conference,his last at Iraq as he will be succeeded by Obama earlier next year. Surely doesnot sound like a great good bye sir? My apologies but you bought it! Though Bush tried to laugh […]

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Now view PDF’s and send SMS from Gmail

15. December 2008


Gmail recently introduced two more amazing ¬†features. You can now view PDF’s right from your inside your Gmail. You will see a “view” button against your PDF’s in your mail,you can click the button and view the PDF without needing to download and save the file on your computer!. Gmail team also introduced another feature […]

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Google Chrome is out of beta

12. December 2008


Google Chrome was launched in September this and to much surprise, Google announced yesterday that Chrome is now out of Beta! Many few Google products are able to get “out of Beta” status as it is an undeclared policy of sorts of Google to keep its products in development stage forever. Many say that Google […]

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