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Problem with tweeters

17. April 2009


Check out this awesome video from SuperNews which pretty much sums up the problem with tweople (twitter people). If you dont know what I am talking about, twitter is the latest sensation in communication, essentially a micro-blogging platform which has changed the way people communicate with each other. Though I must admit that I am […]

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Google PR upadate for April 2009

3. April 2009


The PageRank update for April 2009 is underway. This is the first major PageRank update of the year (last being towards the end of december in last year). The update started yesterday. The Everything Blog, still remains penalised. (its been almost an year since the penalty now Google, come one, you can show some […]

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Awesome: Gmail gets an undo button. Now undo your sent mails

21. March 2009


Whoa, what a surprise. Just when you think how awesome can Gmail get, they spring a new feature that is even more awesome than the previous ones. This time it is something revolutionary. Gmail has introduced an “undo ” button which lets you undo your sent mails. If you sent the mail to a wrong […]

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New in Gmail: Select multiple files and a progress bar

28. February 2009


Even though there was a Gmail outage recently on 24 Feb which lasted for couple of hours and the Gmail web interface was broken. Though it dissappointed me a little but i was anyway able to access Gmail via IMAP. Also, the web interface was back online quicker,although in bursts,in Google chrome thanon other browsers

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The history of internet

27. February 2009


This is a great video on how internet all began. Very informative.                                                     

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