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George Bush shoe attack

19. December 2008


Goerge Bush was recently attacked by an Iraqi reporter by a shoe! He threw 2 shoes at GWB at a press conference,his last at Iraq as he will be succeeded by Obama earlier next year. Surely doesnot sound like a great good bye sir? My apologies but you bought it! Though Bush tried to laugh […]

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Before and after marriage

8. December 2008


This picture pretty much defines conversations and situations before and after marriage. Have a look:

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Dont drink this water

26. September 2008


What a way to tell people not to drink water. I bet no one will,after they see this picture unless they are From

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Michael Phelps when he was “too young”

27. August 2008


Here is a pic that shows the Olympic champion swimmer when he was too young! As we can see, he was a great swimmer even before he was born! LMAO I got this as a forward from Sathya

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Wrestling (the likes of WWE & TNA) are fake

27. August 2008


We all know they are fake but those of us who still like it and watch it want to believe that what we see is real and gain some thrill out of it. It wont be easy to rule out this one as well.

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