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Listen to songs free, without stealing!

7. April 2009


Piracy is a problem that plagues modern world today. Be it games, movies, songs or any other source of entertainment or technology, piracy is everywhere. You name it and piracy is there, stealing the creator of their well deserved money, ruining their revenue model. Just like other things, piracy is affecting music artists heavily. I […]

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Re-energize your PC

25. March 2009


There is a major problem with computers that with time, the performance of the PC’s decreases for an average user. The reasons for it are many. One of the major problems with computers is virus and spyware (malware)infections. If you are not careful on the internet about what you are surfing, or you dont scan […]

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New design of WHG

2. March 2009


WebHostingGeeks is the site to go if you are looking for website hosting reviews to chose between different webhost the one which is best suited for your needs. Recently, they have redesigned their website to benefit the end user even more by making navigation within the site easier. The new design is neat and looks catchy […]

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Coming up next: BlogCamp Delhi 2

2. March 2009


As if the February wants busy enough (MozCamp, Wordcamp, Barcamp) we have yet another meeting in Delhi. Delhi’s second BlogCamp is taking place on 7th Mar. Venue:Indian Institute of Mass Communication, JNU new campus, Aruna Asif Ali Marg,New Delhi – 110067 If you are attending the event,spread the word and show your support sporting these […]

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Psoriasis drug Raptiva linked to a deadly brain infection

28. February 2009


Psoriasis is a non-contagious auto-immune disease of skin and joints. The disease can be localised to just a few patches on parts of body or affect the body as a whole. Because of its chronic nature, Psoriasis is tough to deal with. Skin accumulates and gives a silvery-white appearance at the affected sites,which are called […]

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