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Techie-buzz birthday bash

2. June 2009


Keith over is holding a grand contest at techie-buzz on the occasion of third anniversary of the blog. The prizes at stake are worth over a staggering $4500! The prizes are sponsore from companies like Stardock, Nero, Newegg, PowerISO, PDFNitro and more. (see the picture for full details)

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31. May 2009


Online shopping is un-beatable at one aspect, its convinient! You dont have to go anywhere, and can buy the stuff you want sitting at your home with just a few clicks. ThenĀ  why is that online shopping has not really kicked off in India yet? There are many reasons people prefer offline (conventional/traditional) shopping over […]

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Buying a laptop in India? Consult

25. May 2009


Looking for buying a new laptop? Or your friends asked you to recommend one to him/her? But going to showrooms of every brand just to get laptop prices and configuration information is very painful and not at all a pleasant experience. Not to forget that you can not be guaranteed that you will have all […]

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Samsung’s new LED TV range

13. May 2009


Samsung have been a market leader in consumer electronics. They are known to come up with great innovative ideas before others do. Samsung’s latest LED TV’s are no exception, I am sure you have noticed them on a commercial till now. Samsung LED TV’s: A cut above the rest Samsung’s latest LED television range is […]

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Web hosting reviews

17. April 2009


Web hosting is a very essential part of any website. Generally people specially newbies tend to opt for cheapest host which are many times scams. The website will eventually die pre-maturely if you do not chose web host wisely. Your web host may not give you stable up-times or may not be equipped to handle […]

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