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3G iPhone anounced,out on July 11

12. June 2008


[Image source] Come July 11 and we shall see beginning of a new revolution in mobile phone world. Apple has finally raised curtains from probably the most awaited phone of 2008. The next gen 3G iPhone. Steve Jobs, CEO Apple Inc, introduced the 3G iPhone in a june 9 keynote address in San Francisco.The main […]

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I got my SE P1i back!!! :)

21. February 2008


So after a day of trauma,i finally got my four day old P1i back today.That teacher gave it back to me because of some “intervention”(we know how things work here in India). Here is how it looks:

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Super mod…a 66 fan cabby

26. November 2007


Man!!.Its a cabinet made of 66! fans. what you have to say any more wierd mod than this?

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