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Windows 7 RC is out, download NOW

5. May 2009


Windows 7, the latest OS being developed by Microsoft saw its RC (Release candidate) version being released today. If you missed the chance to download the public beta earlier this year and still have not experienced Windows 7, make sure you get your copy of Windows 7 RC this time for sure because its really […]

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My new PlayStation 3 :)

18. March 2009


I dint realise I havent written here on this blog for so long. I also nearly forgot to write this post. Reason: I was having vaccations from college and I was trying to make the most out of my holidays and enjoying to the max. Another reason is that I bought Sony PlayStation 3 :80 GB […]

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Windows 7 BETA for download

11. January 2009


Microsoft has opened its latest version of Windows operating system,the Windows 7 for public Beta testing. If you are interested in testing the latest OS from Microsoft you can download the BETA from this page. You will need a Windows LIVE Id to be able to download. You can download both,the 32-bit version as well […]

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Google Chrome is out of beta

12. December 2008


Google Chrome was launched in September this and to much surprise, Google announced yesterday that Chrome is now out of Beta! Many few Google products are able to get “out of Beta” status as it is an undeclared policy of sorts of Google to keep its products in development stage forever. Many say that Google […]

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NVidia Tesla:World’s first “personal” supercomputer

6. December 2008


Its about time we get supercomputers for ourselves, right? All those with deep pockets who dream of really owning a supercomputer,your prayers have been answered. NVidia has come up with “Tesla personal supercomputer” that delivers cluster computing like performance and is upto 250 times faster than the present day personal computers or workstations. Tesla is […]

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