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Sachin Tendulkar- The man of the “century”

20. December 2013

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I always dreaded this day would come. As much as me, and billions of other cricketing fans around the world never wanted this day to come, it was inevitable. We knew we would have to be prepared to face a situation where we won’t know if we should be happy that the legendary man who […]

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India gives clear mandate to UPA, Manmohan Singh to be the PM

17. May 2009


Defying all expectations and poll predictions, Congress and its allies performed much better than expectations getting a thumping mandate for the next five years, from nearly 57% [wiki] of electorates who voted. Manmohan Singh will be the next prime minister of the country in the 15th Lok Sabha. He is only the second PM after […]

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Vote vote and vote, its your country

28. April 2009


[poll id="14"] I feel like killing myself for not writing this piece before 16 April (i.e. before the day elections started). I remember that I decided that I would run a campaign of sorts on all my blogs so as to create whatever awareness I could at my small level and encourage my fellow citizens […]

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Delhi is hosting India’s first Wordcamp!

18. February 2009


For Indian bloggers,specially Delhi bloggers, web additcs February 2009 will always be a month to remember, with aquantity and quality of events that kept the community buzzing. If you dont know, Delhi has this month already hosted Mozilla Camp on 10th Feb for which I was not fortunate enough to be able to attend it […]

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Delhi Twestival follow-up

13. February 2009


Twestival which is a global event being organised in 175 countries on 12 Feb 2009 was concluded succesfully in Delhi. In case you dint follow my previous blog post on Twestival ,and still dont know what Twestival is: On 12 February 2009 175+ cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter […]

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