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James Cameron’s upcoming movie Avatar trailer

21. August 2009


A new teaser of James Cameron’s upcoming movie Avatar has been released. By looking at the trailer, one thing is for sure, if nothing else, Avatar is going to be visually stunning. And since its from James Cameron, the award winning director of Titanic, we can expect the movie to deliver on many more levels. […]

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Season 4 will be the last for “Prison Break”

14. January 2009


What a bad start to the day. I was just looking at Google News when i saw this article in the Entertainment category. Fox has decided to stop airing its famous show “Prison Break” after its ongoing season 4. Fox has plans to bring some comedy programs instead. The show has so far aired 16 […]

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The most pirated games of 2008

7. December 2008


Torrent Freak has released a list of top 10 most pirated games of the year 2008″. Spore tops the list of most pirated games on BitTorrent with over 1.7 million downloads. woot!┬áThe SIMS 2 and Assasins Creed follow with over 1.15 million and 1.07 million downloads respectively. Here is the Top 10 list:

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My message to space:code 409

2. August 2008


Do you fear death? Being a mortal,do you fear being forgotten and ignored away with time. Do you think you or words you said will remain in this universe for ever? Probably not, because most of the population on this planet is just another Tom,Dick and Harry and not being born with a golden spoon. […]

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IMDB hacked

30. July 2008


It seems as if the most famous website amongst the movie buffs, IMDB was hacked. May be an angry supporter of other top movies like Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption dint like The Dark Knight‘s stint at IMDB. Frustrated by it (or may be jus for fun) he hacked IMDB and made TDK to appear as […]

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