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Wed, Nov 5, 2008


I have signed up for Paypingpost after i saw their ad which looked promising to me so i decided to try them out!

Paying post is a relatively new site on the lines of already many sites that are present which helps you do Paid posting. The site looks good and is a great platform for both advertisers and bloggers alive to make most of this amazing publicity medium of internet. While bloggers can make good money, advertisers get best deals for promoting their products. Many such services already exists which let you write sponsored review, so how is Payingpost different from all the others? Well, for one i think their quality of payout is good. You get paid well for your work.

Payingpost is brilliant as well useful in concept.After you sign up for Payingpost, you can earn money to write blog posts on your blog. You have the freedom to write what you want to write.

Once you sign up for blog marketing, you will have to install their script on your blog and you will be good to go.

You can then chose from “open opportunities” to see what are the available opportunities and select the topic that suits your writing style. If you write good,who knows some advertiser also picks you directly towrite for him via PayingPost Direct

You can earn as you write,what you like to write,when you like to write

Sign up for PayingPost now!

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10 Comments For This Post

  1. Johan Pengar Says:

    Doesn’t this go against googles guidelines? I dont think it is worth trying this when you might end up getting your site banned?

  2. Mayank Says:

    @ Johan
    Yes,you are right. Writing sponsored content will sooner or later, get your blog/website spanked by Google. You stand to loose your PR, and it might also affect your indexing.
    But again,this post was for those who still do it despite all these Google troubles

  3. Matthew Avitabile Says:

    I’m glad to see that you liked our article. We’re pro-India at Jumping in Pools… what’s not to like about the world’s largest democracy? Would you be interested in reciprocal link?

  4. Mayank Says:

    @ Matthew

    Its important to recognize other’s achievement.People say useless things.
    Ill contact you via mail later ;)

  5. wholesale dropship Says:

    Great sharing regarding PayPosting,thanks

  6. anon Says:

    did you get paid your $5 for this post…probably not because paying post sucks…don’t bother! And as far as google is concerned….they SUCK TOO!! FU Google!

  7. @anon Says:

    ^ yeah, in this time of recession everything sucks. most of these sites are US centric and so its very hard to find advertisers these days as US is hit by a recession.
    Also, Paying Post’s policy of minimum $50 payout is,i have to say,a big “#FAIL”

  8. Moneymakergal Says:

    I’ve never heard of this site before, will need to check it out! thanks for your tip!

  9. site monitor Says:

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  10. revitol cream Says:

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