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Sat, Sep 27, 2008


Investing is a very good way to make money out of your money. You invest your valuables in a thought,company or equity or whatever, going by your faith on that product, thinking in the following years it will give you fruitful results. Sometimes you really get rewarded and sometimes you dont. It all depends whether you madethe decision at that moment for investing in a particular intelligently. But if you are not an expert how do you know what is the best place to invest your hard earned money? What is the best time for investing into promising product? Sure you have experts who give their intelligent advice to you on when to invest and into what you should invest.

One such expert are people at Inner 8. Inner8 was created by some of the veterans of E*TRADE. It provides you with advance tools powered by proprietary analytics and powered by the brains of an intelligent investing community.
The recent turmoil in the world markets, sinking of the big names should be a good reason itself for you to go for an expert advice on investing so that your money does not go down the drain. Inner8 is a great choice in the same regard.
Inner8 is launching this week as an invitation only private beta site and they are being very careful while building their community.
So join like minded people at inner8.
As a Everything Blog reader,you can join the site using this special access code : 3bsdz


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