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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 comes tomorrow,30 Sep 2008

29. September 2008


All right. So here comes my dream phone(which probably will remain as a dream forever) Sony Ericsson is all set to launch its latest and much awaited flagship product, Xperia X1. Though the delay in launching since it was announced has already caused the eagerness to come down but many are still eagerly waiting this […]

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Inner 8

27. September 2008


Investing is a very good way to make money out of your money. You invest your valuables in a thought,company or equity or whatever, going by your faith on that product, thinking in the following years it will give you fruitful results. Sometimes you really get rewarded and sometimes you dont. It all depends whether […]

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Dont drink this water

26. September 2008


What a way to tell people not to drink water. I bet no one will,after they see this picture unless they are From

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Never before fitness with Xflowsion

26. September 2008

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Now this one is really a sweet news for all those fitness freaks. So now say bye bye to all those days when you were shy to go out freely, were afraid of meeting people, were low on self confidence because you had a few extra pounds. Gone are those days because Eric Paskel, the […]

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MIT solves 100-year-old engineering problem

26. September 2008


Scientists working at MIT have done it yet again. They are claiming to have cracked a 100 year old engineering problem. As a car accelerates up and down a hill then slows to follow a hairpin turn, the airflow around it cannot keep up and detaches from the vehicle. This aerodynamic separation creates additional drag […]

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