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Cool and stylish frames from Zenni

26. July 2008

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Eye glasses are not only of therapeutic value for correcting vision but also, if chosen wisely and correctly are means of protecting your eyes from dust, Sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays. They also make a firm fashion statement. I was thinking of changing my eye glasses as they are feeling too heavy on my nose. […]

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Miss SC answers a question

26. July 2008


Watch this video, see what Miss South Carolina says when asked what does she think about most of the American not been able to locate US on world map. This video has been viewed more than 25 million times till now! And here are two equally funny attempts on trying to interpret what she said.

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Quality rugs for cheap

26. July 2008


Everyone wants their home to look beautiful. Transforming a plain, boring and simple house or apartment building into a more lively, beautiful place worth living is not a easy job. Thats why you have professionals doing it for you if you are not very good at creativity like me. When i shift to a new […]

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Shame:Indian politics brought to a new low

23. July 2008


SHAME SHAME SHAME on our political leaders [poll=8] The stage was set. MP’s were giving their speeches on the confidence motion moved by the PM Dr. Manmohan Singh after Left paties withdrew their support on the issue of Indo-US nuclear deal. Suddenly, out of no where, three BJP MP’s, Ashok Argal, MP from Morena, Faggan […]

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Miraculous escape, a lesson learnt

18. July 2008


Disclaimer: Pictures displayed below can be un-suitable for some viewers, viewer discretion is advised. Supratim Dutta, a 23 year old IT specialist had a miraculous escape from death after he met an accident on road while he was going to work in his cab. The cab driver was allegedly driving very fast and the car […]

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