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Thu, Jul 31, 2008

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Remember the time when you were a kid? Remember your first crush. Your first date or a kiss? Remember your fist pay check? And do you remember the first steps of your baby? All these beautiful memories send butterflies to your stomach? What if you dont remember these special moments to recall when you are feeling a bit  low or just for the sake of remembering the good-ol’-times? And what if you dont remember anything at all, leave aside special moments. You dont remember your kins, parents/kids, spouse, friends acquaintances etc. Scary isnt it? Well sure it is and unfortunately, it is a normal routine thing for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease except for the fact that they dont remember that they are suffering from the disease in some cases. In worst cases, they would not even understand the phrase “i am suffering from Alzheimer”. Sad

Alzheimer is the most common form of dementia and is degenerative in nature. There is so far no cure for the disease.

What can you do to help the people suffering from the dreadful disease?

You can take part in Alzheimer’s Memory Walk.

Alzheimer memory walk is the US’s biggest event to create awareness about the disease and collect funds for research of the disease as well as for the treatment, care and support of the people suffering from it. You can be a proud human being by volunteering to participate in the walk against Alzheimer’s.

There is a walk organized in more than 600 communities, a typical walk being 2-3 mile in the weekend mornings in the fall. Or you can even setup your own community by teaming up with your friends and relatives and setup a goal. Work with Alzheimer’s Association for a noble cause, a world without Alzheimer. Together, we can move a nation and eventually the whole world!

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