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Sun, Jul 27, 2008


Have many times have you been in a situation where you had little or no time? Suppose you were in office entangled in some important project or you have an important appointment or meeting. And at the same time you had to deposit your bank checks. You had no choice to bear enormous trouble of missing either if the two very important work. You must have thought if only there was a time machine and you could be at two places at once…. Well trouble like those are now passe.

DepositNow have pioneered a new technology which enables busy bees or lazy bees like you and me to make bank deposits online! So now you can deposit your bank checksĀ  right from your home or work i.e. you dont need to go to your bank for doing the same. Its of great importance and advantage if you are running an online business or if you are an eBAy PowerSeller. Though its equally useful for others as well who run businesses that deals in checks.

This technology is not new. Infact, it has been here since 2004 but hardly anyone knows it. I have no idea why and how come people are not aware of such great service that exists. One of the reason could be that the scanners which were manufactured for this were costing several hundred dollars and on top of it, they were in capable of doing your normal scanning work. But DepositNow have made a scanner that scans checks and also does the normal scanning work and its available for half the market price of those old scanners. You can have one for yourself for $225. Amazing isnt? Only glitch i find is that this great service is currently available for American users only. Im eagerly waiting for it to be launched in my country so that i can take advantage of the great product.

So if you want one for yourself, head over to DepositNow and sign up for their online deposit service. If you use by blog’s name, i.e. “biotech-geek” as the promo code, you can avail a healthy $25 discount as well!

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