IPL- A gem of a concept

Sat, Jun 14, 2008


When IPL (Indian Premier League) was born on 16th April, though it was expected to be a sucess but very few would have expected it to outshine even the ICC World Cup (which is held once every 4 years) in terms of craze, excitement and thrill.
The impact of the shortest version of the game on cricket will be immense. I already have a feeling building inside me telling me that 50 over cricket is long. This phase is not new. many people would have felt thye same way for test cricket when 50 over cricket was invented. But test cricket stood the test of time and im sure One day and test cricket, both will come out strong this time also.

But thats not all to the IPL success story.

Apart from the stir it created it was in news for many other reasons too.

Other than the towering sixes and excitement, there is one more thing i like about IPL. In fact , i like and enjoy it the most. Its the sight of players with different nationalities playing under one team. for one goal. Sight of players congratulating, hugging each other in success is super sweet.

Saurav Ganguly in the same team as Shoib(thankfully for Saurav :lol:), Ponting in the same team as Ishant (thankfully for Ponting :lol); a dream opening pair in Sachin and Jayasurya opening for Mumbai, discussing things on field(Pollock also in there), Bret Lee with Yuvraj, Gilly with Laxman and so on(wish we could have a few English players in the same team with a few Aussie players, hopefully next time we will see them playing together). It was so pleasing to see these guys playing for the same goal, watching them sitting in the same dug out and dressing rooms.

I loved watching Sachin vs Warne again especially more so because there was no hope for the great contest again after the legendary spinner retired.

I would have also loved to see Symonds and Harbhajan in the same teams :wicked:. But that wasnt to be.

The first edition is a run away success with huge rewards for everyone, players, viewers and the organizers.

Hope that it will be back with a bigger bang next year.

5 reasons why i loved IPL:

1. It brought players with different nationalities playing under one team professionally.

2. It helped cricket gain more followers because of its format. Cricket is now more popular than ever.

3. It brought young raw talent to the bench.

4. Things which i never imagined came true. (Sachin+ Sanath opening etc)

5. Just to complete the list, cheer leaders!!


and congratulations
to the winners Warne and his Rajasthan Royals team.


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