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The Grid, 10000 times faster internet

8. April 2008


THE internet could soon be made obsolete. The scientists who pioneered it have now built a lightning-fast replacement capable of downloading entire feature films within seconds. At speeds about 10,000 times faster than a typical broadband connection, “the grid” will be able to send the entire Rolling Stones back catalogue from Britain to Japan in […]

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Olypmic torch extinguished in Paris

7. April 2008


Threatened by the huge out burst by the Tibetan demonstrators the authorities took a hard unprecedented step today deciding to extinguish the Olympic torch and continue the relay of torch in Paris  in a bus. This is the first time ever when Olympic torch has been extinguished. Earlier to this all efforts were made to […]

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Defraggler- Defragment single files and folders

6. April 2008


Are you a heavy internet user and downloader? Is your hard disk overflowing with data more times in a week than not? Have you ever been in a situation where your PC’s performance drastically degraded because of drastically fragmented files,folders or the whole drive as a whole and you could not de-fragment it because you […]

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There always is a MOTHER in NATURE

5. April 2008


This picture by Hindustan Times lensman Himanshu Vyas has won the IFRA Gold Award for News Photography. Vyas had heard about an orphan fawn being looked after by a Bishnoi woman near his hometown Jodhpur. At the mud dwelling, he noticed the fawn playing with her children. “When hungry, the woman breastfed the fawn and […]

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Matrix (fart) fight…this is insane

1. April 2008


See this video and i guarantee you that after watching it you will be gasping.I laughed so hard watching it that i almost fell from my chair. Note:Please keep you speakers on. [youtube 5hllwWjyIEw Matrix fart fight]

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