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Yipee..exams are over

16. February 2008


Phew…at last. Today was my last exam of my first terms.Actually i was writing exams only from 13-16 Feb and this time again i started only a day before.I wonder when will i learn from my mistakes. Any ways, i got lotta work to do.Write a few pending posts,watch a few movies which i have […]

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Vista SP1 out,have a look here

15. February 2008


Many Vista users are looking forward towards Vista SP1. This service pack includes many bug fixes and will also increase the performance of Vista. Vista SP1 isn’t officially available yet, but if you are interested in downloading Vista SP1 then you can download it directly from Windows updates with the help of a registry hack.

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Mozilla rolls out Firefox 3 Beta 3

14. February 2008


Mozilla has released Firefox 3 Beta 3. They have made some remarkable improvements over Firefox 2. New features and changes in this milestone include:

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Presidental elections cancelled – no budget left after war efforts

13. February 2008


WASHINGTON, D. C. — While candidates are still busy rallying their support for Super Tuesday, it seems that the presidential elections may not happen at all. After having a closer look at George W. Bush‘s projected budget it looks like actually no funds have been allocated to the elections. A White House spokesman said that […]

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Indian tigers appraoching extinction fast: Report

12. February 2008


India has far fewer tigers living in the wild than had been thought, initial results from a major new study suggest. The previous census, carried out in 2001 and 2002, said there were 3,642 tigers.That was far too optimistic, say conservationists.A century ago there were 40,000.The Wildlife Institute of India census showed tiger numbers falling […]

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