India test fires K-15,a 700 km SLBM

Tue, Feb 26, 2008

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India today sucessfully test fired sucessfully K-15,a SLBM(submarine launched ballistic missile) from a pontoon launcher off Vizag (Vishakhapatnam).

The misslie can carry nuclear warheads and can strike an enemy target 700kmĀ  away. This gives India the most reliable nuclear deterence,so far available with only the elite five: US,UK,Russia,France,China.
The missile will be integrated to 3 indigeneous nuclear submarines being built at Vizag under Advance Technology Vehicle(ATV).

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12 Comments For This Post

  1. AnarKi Says:

    UK aint in the elite 5!!
    UK’s long range balastic missile and bomber capabilities have been curbed by their own economic stench. Their last long range bombers were decommissioned in the year they fought the infamous falkland wars. Hence they’r nowhere near achieving nuclear triad.

    Now france is focused on air deployment and SLBMs but not surface to surface balastics. Hence france too has only a conventional fail-deadly or second strike.

    But Israel quiet possible. Their deterance from land and air world has acknowledged, no lets say wary off. now with the emmese german help over submarines they have the elite class of submarines for underwater cruise missile launches.
    they cant be far behind in nuclear capability either

    anyways hurray India, Zindabad……..
    way to go!!!

  2. mayank Says:

    Even i wasnt sure of whether UK is in the SLBM club or not.Before posting this i thought it isnt butsome places referred that it does have.
    See Wiki article on SLBM,there its mentioned that UK does have SLBM.Not authentic though, still.

  3. Indian Says:

    Thats well done for India!

  4. hassan Says:

    india inshallah will be beaten by PAKISTAN.we r waiting 4 something

  5. Mayank Says:

    Ehh… Any specific reasons for that?
    Or are you from PDF(Pakistan defence forum)or PD( the likes? And whats that thing for which you are waiting?
    BTW, i think we are brothers and we all want peace and not war! :???:
    Hope that these weapons are NEVER used.

  6. Manoj Says:

    Lagta hai bharat ke na chahne walo ki yeh news sun kar **** **** *** isi liye itna dhuan nikal raha hai.

    ~Moderated by Admin
    Reason: Objectionable language

  7. santosh kotla Says:

    well done , it makes us proud ,but it would be better for india to incorporate naval version of angi iii in future atv projects (its range 5000km),still not tested

  8. atv accessories Says:

    Very informative article, I had no idea India was so up and coming in terms of SLBM worldwide. I agree with your comment above—we are brothers and want peace, not war. These warheads are for protection, but not for preemptive attack.

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