My 3 day old SE P1i confiscated… :(

Wed, Feb 20, 2008

Me and my life

Even before i could post about my new SE P1i here( i bought it on sunday), its been confiscated!!!

I was taking a picture from it of a good article on a notice board when the most strict teacher in our college,who also happens to be the teaching us physics in this sem, caught me using it. Camera phones are not allowed in the college, but damn this was the second day i took it to college.Many people use cam phones but why only me? And that too when i have only been with it for only 3 days.

Things get worse,as he is the most strict teacher,he said he wont give give it back before the sem ends.He has done this before and i can only hope he does not do this to me.

I even took its pics today in college and was about to post the pics here.All dreams shattered.

World is evil. :sad: :sad: :sad:


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  1. Sathya Says:

    Aaah, that always happens. It’s always like that – WHY ME?? :roll: Oh well, seems you got your cell back, as the other post goes

  2. Eleanor Simpson Says:

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