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Even the sperms show brotherhood!

27. February 2008


They are created in their thousands, for one purpose: to die for their brothers. They are the enigmatic “parasperm”, infertile sperm that can dominate the ejaculate of some flies. In the fruit fly, Drosophila pseudoobscura, about half the sperm are infertile. Why waste energy producing dud sperm?

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India test fires K-15,a 700 km SLBM

26. February 2008


India today sucessfully test fired sucessfully K-15,a SLBM(submarine launched ballistic missile) from a pontoon launcher off Vizag (Vishakhapatnam). The misslie can carry nuclear warheads and can strike an enemy target 700kmĀ  away. This gives India the most reliable nuclear deterence,so far available with only the elite five: US,UK,Russia,France,China.

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I got my SE P1i back!!! :)

21. February 2008


So after a day of trauma,i finally got my four day old P1i back today.That teacher gave it back to me because of some “intervention”(we know how things work here in India). Here is how it looks:

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My 3 day old SE P1i confiscated… :(

20. February 2008


Even before i could post about my new SE P1i here( i bought it on sunday), its been confiscated!!! I was taking a picture from it of a good article on a notice board when the most strict teacher in our college,who also happens to be the teaching us physics in this sem, caught me […]

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OMG! Google is #3 while Youtube climbs to #2 at Alexa

17. February 2008


The latest rankings by Alexa shows the internet search giant Google at number 3 and more importantly, the video sharing site Youtube is now number 2,even ahead of Google. Number 1 is Yahoo while Live is at 4.MSN comes next at 5. Alexa ranks on the basis of the number of visitors a site is […]

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