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Bioshock wins the game of the year

15. December 2007


Action thriller Bioshock has been awarded game of the year at the Spike TV awards in Las Vegas. The underwater adventure, widely praised for its storyline and production values, also won the prize for best Xbox 360 title and best score. It beat high-profile titles such as Halo 3, Mass Effect and The Orange Box […]

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HIV attack

10. December 2007


A brilliant animation showing the the mechanism of HIV attack. NOTE: This video is is strictly intended for education and non-commercial use only.

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Which Linux for you?

6. December 2007


I found this linux distro review here: by “The Trojan”.All credit to OP ********************* I have reviewed 5 Linux distros namely openSUSE, UBUNTU/KUBUNTU, Fedora, Mandriva and Debian. However other users have provided valuable additions to the value of the thread by adding their own reviews on more distros. The links to them are: 1> […]

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