Benazir Bhutto shot dead

Thu, Dec 27, 2007

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In a traumatic development, Pakistan People’s Party’s leader and former Prime Minister of the country, Mrs. Benazir Bhutto has been assasinated in a suicide attack while she was returning from from a rally for the elections which are due next month.

Two people armed with AK-47 attacked her and a suicide bomber blew himself standing next to the car in which she was in.

Surprisingly,no one went near to the car for about ten minutes after the blast.That raises a question or two.

This is a very sad incident and a severe blow to democracy in Pakistan.

Other former PM, Nawaz Sharif has already been declared “unfit” for the contesting in the elections by the Supreme Court and the other major leader is now dead.There will be a vaccum created now as the country has no powerful leader to vote for.People already are in state of shock.It will be interesting to see how opposition reacts to this and how will Musharraf handle this critical situation.

This situation is very critical as general public has already started dis-liking Musharraf more and also Pakistan is a nuclear state with not a very clean record.Lets hope this whole thing does not lead to something(nuclear warheads falling in hands of extremists/terrorists) which can be very dangerous.

May her soul rest in peace.

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