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Know your genome for $999, courtsey:,a Google linked site.

21. November 2007

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Want to know what genes you inherit? Want to know what are the chances of you getting a disease(genetic)? Want to have an idea who could be your ancestors/relatives across the globe? Want to know whether you got your “intelligence” from your father or your mother? Want to compare your genetic profile with others? Well, […]

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A possible 10 years imprisonment for a “Elite torrents” uploader plus a $500,000 fine !!!

18. November 2007


As the saga of FBI crackdown on the US based BT tracker “Elite torrents” continues,another uploader associated with the “sharing” of Star Wars Episode III,a pre-release movie of that time,found guilty under Family Entertainment Copyright Act. ,could be facing 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine!!!. In this copyright case tried in the criminal […]

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How stupid people can be.

17. November 2007


<Cthon98> hey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars <Cthon98> ********* see! <AzureDiamond> hunter2 <AzureDiamond> doesnt look like stars to me <Cthon98> <AzureDiamond> ******* <Cthon98> thats what I see <AzureDiamond> oh, really? <Cthon98> Absolutely <AzureDiamond> you can go hunter2 my hunter2-ing hunter2 <AzureDiamond> haha, does that look funny to you? <Cthon98> […]

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The “Menstrual blood” cells are a rich source of stem cells.

17. November 2007


The “monthly curse” may be anything but: menstrual blood appears to be a rich and easily accessible source of adult stem cells, claim two competing research groups. Each month, after a woman’s uterine lining is shed, it has to be rebuilt in preparation for a fertilised egg. This feat involves growing the billions of cells […]

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The power of google…

16. November 2007


Lot many people ask others,where do i find this ,where can i look for this?how do i get the thing i want? Well,for almost every question,google has an answer. Its undoubtedly the best thing that happened to humans since computers. You can find and get anything you want from food for your tommy to the […]

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