Know your genome for $999, courtsey:,a Google linked site.

Wed, Nov 21, 2007


Want to know what genes you inherit?
Want to know what are the chances of you getting a disease(genetic)?
Want to have an idea who could be your ancestors/relatives across the globe?
Want to know whether you got your “intelligence” from your father or your mother?
Want to compare your genetic profile with others?

Well,, a GOOGLE linked “personal” genome service is now available at your mouse click.
23andme,named after the 23 pairs of chromosomes present in humans,claims to read about 600,000 data points of your genome for $999.
All you have to do is place an prder on their website.They will ship you a kit.You have to return the kit with a swab of your saliva.They will extract DNA from your saliva,then sequence it.

Anne Wojcicki,wife of Sergey Brin(co-founder of google),is one of the co-founders of the Mountain View based venture.She said,”We believe this information provides intriguing insights into an individual’s genetics,with the goal of expanding the collective knowledge base by enabling active participation in research”.

23andme has now heated up things in the “personal genomics” market.DeCode Genetics, an Iceland company has already built genetic profile of much of Iceland’s population.

But now i heard,there are controversies over using genetic information by people to try to assess probability of them getting a heriditary disease.
Well,whats wrong with this?
Isnt this for what Biotechnology is here for?
As far as this is used for good then i dont see any harm in this.
I may be missing a point.Share your views.



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