Some good and unknown built in tools in xp.

I found this,and thought its worth sharing.
Some of these you might be already knowing.

These applications can be run easily through a command prompt or from
the Run command (Click on Start and Run and type the shortcut command
for the utility).

1. Windows Media Player classic (mplayer2.exe):
Yes, apart from Media Player 8, an aesthetically pleasant player,
Windows XP do have the classic version of media player. It is the most
basic version of media player.

2. ClipBoard Viewer (clipbrd.exe):
Clipboard viewer can be used to view the contents of Windows
clipboard. It stores the copied items.

3. Dr Watson error notifier (drwtsn32.exe):
The prompt to send error report to Microsoft is handled by this little

4. DirectX diagnosis (dxdiag.exe):
To diagnose the functionality of the DirectX.

5. Synchronization manager (mobsync.exe):
Useful while you are in a network. It synchronizes files on your desktop
with a file server.

6. Object packager (packager.exe):
Object Packager is a tool you can use to create a package that you can
insert into a file.

7. Character Editor (eudcedit.exe):
This tool is used to edit the fonts of Windwos XP. In order to use this
tool you need admin priviledge as you ned to have write access to font

8. Driver Verifier manager (verifier.exe):
Verifies the integirty of the drivers.

9. Iexpress wizard (iexpress.exe):
This wizard helps to create a self-extracting self-installing package.

10. System Monitor (perfmon.exe):
This utility shows the performance of your computer in real time. Nice
graphical interface.

11.Character map (charmap.exe) and Disk Clean up utility (cleanmgr.exe):
Though this can be accessed from All programs>Accessories>System
Tools, I thought it is worth mentioning here in order to tell about the
shortcut to run this program from Run command.

12. Remote Access Phonebook (rasphone.exe):
A storage for phone numbers you use for remote access.

13. Registry editor (regedit.exe or regedt32.exe):
No need to mention about this. Do not use this unless you are advanced
PC user !

14. Network shared folder wizard (shrpubw.exe):
Utility to configure shared folder in a network.

15. File Signature verification (sigverif.exe):
The system files are digitally signed and need not be changed. This tool
will verify if the critical system files have been modified.

16. Volume controller (sndvol32.exe):
Windows sound volume controller utility.

17. Syskey (syskey.exe):
It encrypts the SAM database which holds local passwords. You can
use the SysKey utility to additionally secure the SAM database by
moving the SAM database encryption key off the Windows-based

18. System Configuration editior (sysedit.exe):
Editor for changing win.ini, system.ini, autoexec.bat and config.sys.
Require admn rights to edit.

19. Windows chat (winchat.exe):
A LAN chat utility with a very basic interface.

20. Narrator (narrator.exe):
It is a text-to-speech utility for vision impaired users. Windwos will read
the text through this utility.

21. Windows Version (winver.exe):
To find the version and some general information about your Windows

22. [b]Windows Address Book (wab.exe):
The free adderss book provided in Windows and which Outlook Express
use to store addresses.

23. Compress files (compact.exe):
Command based utility to compress files and folders.

24. Encryption tool (cipher.exe):
It is used to encrypt and decrypt files and folders. This also detects if
files on NTFS partition are encrypted. In order to run this go to Start
and Run, type cmd.exe and in command prompt type cipher. To get help
put cipher /? in command prompt.

Never knew your windows had that much stuff?
And well about its source,its from a site( torrent site) which i can not mention.

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